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Garage, Office, Storage and Summerhouse in Torquay

The garage was purpose built to accomodate four motorcycles and workshop facilities. It measures 7m x 3m. It features a clear section of the roof to allow daylight in. It has fully protected electrics with 10 x 13 amp sockets and 10 halogen down-lighters. It was completed in March 2013.

The owners also required a separate workshop and storage area to complement the garage. This extended to a partitioned summerhouse. Work began on 7th May 2013 and  completed on 13th May 2013. It measures 11m x 3m. It has a double glazed window and double door also double glazed on to the existing decking. The owners will be extending the decking across the upper garden.

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 July 2013 - Doors already fitted, Summer House interior lined by owner with garden cane roll for an African hut feel.

Electrics done, interior and exterior lights fitted. Disco lights and 2000W sound system installed.

Final detail - flooring, seating and was ready for the rest of the summer!



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